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All in one Pilot Tools App Featuring:

Flight Weather

Allows you to select a Departure, Destination and up to eight Alternate Airports. METAR, TAF and Other Airport Information will be downloaded and stored offline.

Presentation can be fully customised in page settings. This includes TAF spacing, hiding runway information, METAR and TAF font selection, Dark Mode for night Flights and more…

Enroute Weather

Following a selection of Departure and Destination Airports on Flight Weather page, all enroute Airports will be downloaded automatically that are within 100nm from the flight path. Radius to flight path route can be adjusted ranging from 10 to 300nm, Runways filter is also available allowing you to hide airports that don’t meet your required runway length.

iOS Watch App Extension

Our App comes with iOS watch extension, allowing you to see your Flight Weather airports on your Apple Watch, this also includes a watch face Complication where you can see your Departure Airport Metar, and Departure Airport Temperature, Due Point and Humidity.

World Map

Allows for route input using Airports, VOR’s, NDB’s and Airway Points. Current Database covers Entire Europe.

Route Builder allows for cycling through waypoints with a preview of map location, and a selection of a specific waypoint if multiple exist with the same Identifier.

iOS Metar Widget

Metar Widget displaying the latest weather for departure and destination airports selected on the Metar page of the app.

Note: Phone Screen Cropped for Widget Part Demonstration Only, not an actual Device.
Significant Weather Charts

Weather Charts downloadable with a single click for offline use.

Charts can be easily viewed on Full Screen and can be panned and zoomed. Also available in inverted color mode to reduce the contrast when using Dark App Theme.

World Clock

World Clock is available by clicking on the UTC clock on the main Metar page. Airports can be searched from an offline database. You can search by: Airport Name, ICAO, IATA, City or Country.

Add as many airports as you like to your World Clock view. UTC, Departure and Destination airports are automatically added based on your Flight Wx Airport selection. Each strip provides: date and local time, the UTC offset and “DST” text indicating that Daylight Saving is observed and in current period.